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Polyurethane Sheet

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Polyurethane Sheet

We offer a hardness range on our  polyurethane sheets from 30 Shore A to 90 Shore D. Our cast large polyurethane sheets are among the largest in the industry at 1000 wide and 4000 long. Precision has also developed a multi hardness or dual polyurethane sheet which can be cast in custom colors and hardness.

Product Description

A hard durable protective layer is cast to a soft layer that can be used in applications where standard cast urethane sheets will not meet the required performance life in more demanding applications. These 2 layers are bonded together in the manufacturing process and will not delaminate even under extreme conditions. Polyurethane contains strong bonding properties and can be bonded to a number of materials including metal, wood and other plastics. Learn more about the advantages polyurethanes possess.

Urethane Sheet Features

Standard hardness: 60A, 70A, 80A, 90A

Standard size: 5100X630MM,4000X1000MM,3070X585MM

Standard thickness: 1.5mm -150mm   

Standard color: natural. (Other colors are available upon request)

FDA approved formulas for Wet and Dry Applications 


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