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PP Sheet

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PP Sheet

PP sheets is excellent in light gravity, stability, heat-resistance, oil-resistance, shock-resistance and cold-resistance. Use:applied in general vacuum forming, hollow molding forming and lamination processing.

Product Description

Features of Polypropylene Sheets:

· Stable in outdoor applications

· (May crack upon impact in extreme cold)

· Superior clarity and color reproduction

· Resistant to most chemicals

· Flexible scores with long lives

· Accepts numerous printing techniques

· FDA approved

· Environmentally friendly

· Recyclable

· Versatile processing with minimal odor

· and low taste transfer

· Moisture resistance

· Superior corrosion resistance

· Low specific gravity (floats in water)

· Stiff, rigid and cut resistant


Thin sheets are used in stationery folder (sheath), bridal veil photos, gift box, cards, billboard,furniture panel, spacer, 3D lenticular printing, lampshade, binder, cardcase, file cover, medical record folder. Thick sheets are used in cutting machine, chemical tank and model processing.

Thin PP board fabrication spec.

Thickness: 2MM-25MM

Width: 1200-1500

Color: natural Color, blue, green, black, and other special color

Mini. order: 1000KG

Thick PP board fabrication spec.

Thickness: 30-100mm

Width*Length: 122cm*244cm

Color: natural Color, Other Colors

Mini. order: 1000KG Up ( natural Color ), 3000KG Coloured( Up )


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