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  • Construction Base X Mats

  • Construction Base X Mats

Construction Base X Mats

Base mats is one kind of Russia popular mats which is best seller on Russia market. Due to the Characters of high wear-resisting and extreme lower temperature resistant characters, they are more popular in the north of world and cold temperature areas.

Outstanding Characters

Base X mats have more important characters that other heavy duty mats do have .

Extreme cold temperature resistance (+80 - - 80℃)

Easy go lock connections system compared with other type of mats

Heavy load capacities(more than 100 tons)

Cut to size as per customer requirements No limitation on length and width


SizeUnit weightLoading Quantity
5500X2000X28MM330KG20ft container 40 pieces 40ft container 70 pieces
5700X2000X28MM342KG40ft container 70 pieces
5900X2000X28MM354KG40ft container 68 pieces


This mats is not only used on the same application with other mats but also have their own special applications
On north polesSnow field- Military sites
Mining fieldOil drilling fieldPower plant

Surface Choice 

Construction Base X Mats


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