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  • PE1000 wear plate UHMWPE cribbing blocks

PE1000 wear plate UHMWPE cribbing blocks

We are leading company in providing safe, cost-effective ground protection and equipment support solutions. We deliver versatile and cost-effective solutions for your ground protection requirements.

We proudly provide a range of high performance, engineered and manufactured polyethylene cribbing blocks. Engineered to withstand extreme pressure, our high performing cribbing blocks offer incredible strength, rigidity, and load distribution. 

Advantages of UHMWPE sheet thick blocks

Lowest Friction Available

UHMWPE PE1000 sheet features the lowest Coefficient of Friction (COF) available for any UHMW grade, due in part to a specialized built-in dry lubricant formula. The sliding advantage produced from the dry lubricant generates a smoother, quieter operation without the need of extra product. It also ensures improved sliding behavior by offering a near-zero level of slip-stick and by eliminating backsliding issues that occur in production environments that experience high-pressure conditions. PE1000 sheet/blocks also offers precise motion control and eliminates squeaking and chatter.


Energy and Cost Efficient

The top-priority factor modern mechanical designers and operators face is to provide conveying equipment that will offer the best results. Due to its high-quality production, UHMWPE PE1000 blocksis both energy and cost efficient. The elevated sliding performance reduces friction forces during operation, minimizing both energy consumption and risk of costly damages.


Conveyor System Solutions

PE1000 UHMWPE sheet tivar UHMW conveyor systems surpass other standardized conveyor systems in nearly every metric. Our systems are guaranteed to meet all your plastics needs. Durable, FDA compliant, fully washable and far more efficient than other UHMW material grades.


Improved Product Safety

Along with longer productive cycles between maintenance and shorter down times, your system runs smoother with less interruption. With an extremely long life cycle the safety and return on your investment improves. A smoother running system reduces chance of failure which could lead to injury.

Features of UHMWPE blocks


Very low wear.

COF reduced by 80% versus POM-C.

Reduced maintenance costs.

FDA compliance.

Noise reduction.

Built-in dry lubricant.

Energy savings and protection of expensive mating parts.

Longest possible bearing life without deformation or excessive wear.

Improved safety for employees.

Specifications of UHMWPE sheet:

Dimension: 3000-610mm, 1220*2440mm, any size is available

Thickness: 6-200mm

Colors: white, blue, green and other customized color

Warning: This product may have sharp edges and points. Contact may result in injury. Handle with care.


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